Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law-Know in detail

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We are here to know in detail about car accident lawyer san francisco dolan law. This article will be helpful for you, lets see them.

The drastic increment in car accidents and fatalities has become a major problem in San Francisco, California United States. The City Performance Scorecards data shows that around 2 thousand people lose their lives in road accidents annually.

San Francisco has less than 0.02% of the world vehicle population. However, 0.01% of the global road traffic mortality is seen on san francisco. As compared to previous year, the mortality rate has increased by 0.3% this year.

But after a car accident happen, we suffer physically, pain and suffering, money losses and many more. So we need car accident attorney who could manage everything from filing a claim upto achieving money.

Dolan Law Firm Overview

Law Firm NameDoman Law Firm
Firm Rating*4.5
Headquater1438 Market St, San Francisco, California, 94102, United States
Phone Number(415) 636-8160
Total Lawyers1,228
Dolan Law Firm’s SIC81,811
Revenue$230 million

What Makes Dolan Law A Best Law Firm For Car Accident

The main reason why people think Dolan Law Firm is the best law firm for car accident in san francisco is because of their achievement, successful settlement and resolving complex cases. Since, it become so popular now as if anyone once trapped in car accident and need a lawyer for better settlement, they suggest only Dolan Law. Dolan Law Firm has helped thousands of people in the San Francisco who injured in car accident.

Dolan Law Firm is known for taking challenges. They have obtained recoveries far above our thought. They help their client by providing superior legal representation through their financial and technological resources which no other attorney or a small law firm can help you like this. Dolan Law Firm gives support like:

  • They give Individual legal representation to their clients who have high experienced in car accident cases with outstanding record of success.
  • Dolan Law Firm has full financial and technological resources which no other attorney and small law firm give you.
  • Dolan Law FIrm provide you accident reconstruction experts who help in identifying the root cause of the accident and determine the liability like driver negligence, defective auto parts or dangerous roadway conditions.
  • Dolan Law Firm provide experts who help in determining the injuries and help in calculating the cost of future medical needs together with lost of wages and lost of earning potential in the accident.

Dolan Law Firm Achievement

Many reasons are there which push us to pick Dolan Law Firm if someone get injured or harmed in car accident. As Dolan Law Firm is old and popular law firm since 1995 because of their continue achievement. lets know their achievement:

  • Dolan Law Firm have outstanding record of success.
  • Leaders among all the trial Lawyers.
  • Get records of justice for the injured person.
  • Get records of justice for the employees.

What Compensation Can We Get In San Francisco Car Accident Lawsuit?

After a car accident happen, what compensation we can get if we file a lawsuit against the liable parties is the matter of fact, lets see them in detail:

  • Medical, incidental and hospital bills.
  • Loss of earning potential.
  • Property Damages in the accident.
  • Wrongful death damages when a person lost his life.
  • Loss as pain and suffering, physical damages and many more.

If you met with the car accident in San Francisco California you can file compensation for the losses you made in the accident if the driver or any other government reason was responsible for the accident. The money for other person liability in a car accident is determined by carelessness of liable parties with you.

What I Do If Injured in Car Accident In San Francisco

Major reasons of car accidental in San Francisco is due to overspeeding, Pedestrian collision in crosswalk, Running of vehicle in red light area, running while there is stop signs and many more.

Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law

However, we are here to provide some useful information what your next step if injured in a car accident, lets know them:

  • After car accident happen, focus on your medical health and safety.
  • Side from the road as soon as possible and call 911 if you sustain injury and require immediate medical attention
  • Take pictures and videos of the spot together with injuries and losses if possible.
  • Keep all possible records like medical bills, medical expense receipts, loss of wage and many more.
  • Whichever is mistakes, instantly inform the police or respective agencies as soon as possible
  • Never file any claim to any liable parties without having any proper evidence. As an insurance company take your advantages and make your claim a false clain. So its your responsibility to pick a well experienced lawyer like Dolan Law Firm.

Major Losses in Car Accident in San Francisco According to Dolan Law

There may be many losses in car acident in san francisco which could be harmful for us. lets see them.

  • Loss of life.
  • Loss of property.
  • Loss as pain and suffering
  • Lost of wages.

Except these, there are many other losses seen in a car accident according to dolan law.

When Do I need Dolan Law Firm

Dolan law firm is one of the best law firm in san francisco california for personal injury cases. They have professional and well experienced lawyers who help people to protect their rights. They have years of experience in resolving the cases whether it complex or hard. Due to this reason, people prefer Dolan law Firm.

From establish to this date, Dolan law firm has achieved over $1 Billion in verdicts and Settlement in Personal Injury cases, Success rate is too high. They are known in top 100 Lawyers in California. Lets see some of their achievement.

  • They have settled upto $1 Billion in Settlement in Personal Injury cases.
  • Success rate is too high.
  • They have top 100 Lawyers in California.

Dolan Law Firm Contact Number

The Contact number of Dolan Law Firm is 1-888-452-4752. If you need a personal injury lawyer who help you or fight on behalf of you for the better settlement then Dolan Law firm is always ready. Dolan Law Firm is considered as one of the best law firm.

Dolan Law Firm Email Id

If you urgent need of a best law firm in san francisco, then there is only one option that is Dolan Law. To contact dolan Law firm, there are multiple ways like their official website, contact number, email id or more but we are here to know their email id. Dolan law firm will immediately response you if you mail him. If you are not able to connect with their lawyer then they will visit to your place. You can use this email ( to connect with doman law firm.

Dolan Law Firm Official Website

The best and the most efficient way to contact an attorney in Dolan law firm is through their official site that is In their site, you get to see a form which you have to fill. In the form, you have to fill various things like name, contact number, contact address and many more

Dolan Law Firm Office Address

If you ever met in a car accident and required legal help to protect your legal rights, you can contact or visit Dolan Law office. You may contact Dolan Law Firm through various channels like contact number, email id and official site. However, everything is not possible only through contacts channel, you need to submit some hard copies which required to visit office personally. Dolan Law firm Sans Francisco Addresss-

Dolan Law Firm,

PC1438 Market Street,

San Francisco,

CA 94102415-417-1643


Dolan Law firm provides one of the best personal injury lawyer in San Francisco and some other cities in California. People gives a good rating on Google My business. You must consider Dolan Law Firm if you need a best car accident lawyer in California. The best part about Dolan Law Firm is that they gives an option like a free case review. Dolan law has 90% strike rate in achieving a good result. Whether the case is complex or easy, dolan law is always ready.

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Some FAQs on Dolan Law Firm

What is the average settlement for a car accident in California?

The average settlement of different case is totally different. It depends on how complex the case is. According to some previous year settlement data across United States, most of the car accident settle between $14,321 and $28,215. Average is around $21000 which could be seen as the settlement amount in most of the cases.

How much do accident lawyers charge in California?

The accident lawyer in california charge about 30-40% of the settlement amount in California, though it may vary in some cases.

How long do most car accident settlements take?

Duration of any case settlement is not an easy task, it may vary from couple of weeks to month or to year. A simple case require a detailed investigation from each liable parties upto the accident spot.

According to Dolan Law, How we can maximize my settlement amount?

According to Dollan Law, if you want to maximize the settlement, follow the following steps like take treatment immediately, Collect all possible evidence, File injury claim immediately, Never accept the first offer without review, Must consider all possible losses from past to future.

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