Finance vs Lease A Car: Which is Better?

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Finance vs Lease A Car which is the best option to choose. This is the most popular question arised by everyone when they think about to buy a car. When taking views of people, you will get varities of opinions about the best option. Leasing of car costs less as compared to financing but you get lots of restrictions using those cars.

Year by year, the price of car going to higher and higher, the fast movement in the price of car create leasing in the people minds.

Choices for leasing or financing a car totally depends on your specific needs and financial situation. Here in this article will compare between finance vs lease a car.

What does Leasing a car mean?

Finance Vs Lease A Car

Leasing a car means renting a car for a certain period. Leasing a car is benficial only in certain condition but mostly it is a bad agreement for you. There is lots of restriction when you lease a car, as it restrict to run only for certain kilometers. When your lease time end up, you are required to pay a heavy wear and tear fees which is so disgusting.

Reasons Which Decides Weather To Lease Or Buy A Cars

It is one of the complicated question arose in the mind of certain people weather to lease or buy a car, but don’t worry, we are here to guide and differentiate the major differences between them. So before deciding to lease or buy a car, you must clear this things in mind.

  • Lease do not allow own the car but finance do so.
  • Lease a car restrict you from using but f
  • inance do not so.
  • Finance a car require initially too money but lease not so.
  • Finance means owing a new car but leasing is not so.
  • Leasing a car is useless if you want a car for lifelong personal use.
  • If your requirement is of certain period then you may go for lease.
  • Lease is taken when someone monthly income is average.

Seeing all these, you may consider the best option for yourself.

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What does Financing a car means?

Financing a car means taking a car with your ownership without any third interfernce in the use of car. Financing a car can be a new car or old car but with the help of loan giving banks or any financial institution. There is no restriction in the use of financed car as we see in leased car. So Finance a car means freedom to use.

What is Difference between Finance vs Lease a Car?

There are many differences as you see when lease or finance a car. Lets see them.

Lease A CarFinance A Car
Lease a car means renting a car.Finance a car means buying a car.
Leased cars have lots of restriction.Financed cars is free from restriction.
You have certain limits of daily use as the criteria set by leaser.There is no any limits or restriction to use.
Every month you pay for the leasing car is just as renting a certain money for living in his home.Each month you pay goes to bank for decrement of loan amount which you take for financing the car.
The amount you pay still live unless you left the leased car.Each month installment amount will dead after certain period of time when your loan tenure end up.
Leasing a car is costly.Financing a car is costly only for first time.
Initially require nothing as money.Initially you require something big money.

Types Of Leasing A Car

There are many ways you can lease a car. Just means, there is different types of lease as available in the market. Lets see all of these one by one.

  • Close End Lease: This is the most common type of lease as seen in the market. This is also a fixed term.
    • There is a limited time to use the vehicle.
    • You have to return the car at the end of period.
    • You have to put your car in proper maintenence.
    • Keep your in the better mileage.
  • Open End Lease: This type of lease is not so common as it is not often used by any people. This type of mostly used by Individual or Businesses for sometimes use.
    • This type of lease has no mileage restriction.
    • Monthly payment is higher as compared to closed end lease.
    • You have to pay for the deprecation of the vehicle.
    • It is more risky than other type of lease as we don;t know about end price.
  • Single Payment Lease: If you have bulk of money and want to lease a car rather than buying, then you may go for single payment lease.
    • Leasing a car become too easy.
    • You have the chance to negotiate if one payment is done.
    • There is very little chances of fraud.
    • Paying one time will reduce finance rates.
  • Subvented Leases:This is a special type of lease as it is offered by a finance company on behalf of a manufacture. This type of lease is provided by the manufacturer because of degrading demand of a particular model in the market.
    • Provided with low interest rates.
    • Offer is valid only for high credit score individual.
    • Depreciation is very low.

Common Questions Arose While Leasing or Financing A Car?

These are the questions must arise on mind while financing or leasing a car is:

  • For how long we would like to keep a car.
  • How much we want to drive annually.
  • Have we any wish in future or present about car modification.
  • Do I want my car as an asset in future.
  • Do I want to own the car.

If you have the answers for the particular questions then you could decide well with good information.

When to Lease A Car?

Leasing a car comes in mind only when we have low budget and need car for any specfic use for a specific duration like business purpose, travel etc. If you have any personal car and want a car only for two years for business purpose then you can go towards leasing, it will be a best option for you.

In leasing a car, you have strong options to negotiate the agreement price, leasing interest, kilometers use etc. So it will be good if you think about this.

Advantages of Leasing A Car

There are lots of advantages as seen when car is leased. Let see them.

  1. You have the opportunity to drive the car which is over your budget.
  2. You get the chance to change a new car every few years.
  3. You got the favour of manufacturer warranty.
  4. There is no fear of depreciation.
  5. There is very little monthly installment required as compared to financing amount.

Disadvanatages of Leasing A Car

Together with the advantages, there are lots of disadvantages are seen on leasing a car. Lets see them.

  • You could not own the car as it is leased.
  • You have to pay the depreciation amount in the last.
  • You have to provide monthly maintenance to the car.
  • You have the restriction to use the car for a certain kilometers.
  • You have to pay an extra amount of money for wear and tear of vehicle.
  • You can’t modify or change the look of the car.
  • If you break the lease term, you have to pay termination amount.

Impacts of Insurance on Financing or Leasing a Car

Your small decision weather to finance or lease a car directly impact on your car insurance. You have to agree with the leasing company requirement while leasing. Your leasing company owns the vehicle, So you need a specific coverage to protect the car. Leasing companies will forcefully pressurise you to put comprehensive insurance and collision insurance coverage for the car. Except these, You also have to put a certain amount of third party liability coverage if any condition arise.

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Here in this article, we have tried our best to differentiate the major differences of Finance vs Lease a car. From the Lease and Finance point of view, we analysed the majors merits and demerits of leasing and financing and after it, we concluded our view in the article,

People are not well to decide which option is better or best for him. The think behind leasing or financing totally depends on the need of the car, if some individual or business have choice to travel to a particular place then he may prefer to lease the car weather to finance. I think, You could understand the detail preview of Lease vs Finance a car in the above article. If the article is valuable, you may share this to your friends and family.

FAQs on Finance vs Lease A Car

Which is better Financing or Leasing A Car?

The answers depends on your need and financial situation. If you monthly income is low and can’t afford buying or financing a car then leasing will be a good option as it is cheaper than buying.

Can I buy the leased Car?

Yes you can buy a leased car after the agreement end up but keep something in mind like valuation of the car in the market, car condition and car models as if it is too old then it could give an odd feeling to you.

Which is good leasing or financing a used car?

If you have low budget and can’t afford a new car then you can buy a used car which is comparatively low as compared to new car and can prevent yourself from the trap of leasing.

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