8 Best Steps How to delete Youtube Channel

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Many of us always search how to delete youtube channel with some easy steps.In initial day, we try to make multiple youtube channel to grow all of them in the same time but due to some reason, it become impossible for us to manage all of them in the same time.

If you have multiple youtube channel running in the same time but due to inappropriate topic or unusual need, we have to delete this.Lets know this step by step.

How to Delete Youtube Channel

This is not so hard to delete a youtube channel.We can easily delete youtube channel by using some easy steps.This must be keep in your mind that once you delete this channel, you can’t recover it again.We all know that deleting and recovering a channel is irreversible.which means that once you delete this, it can’t be recovered.Lets know this step by step.

Go and Open Youtube

First open youtube.com and then adding detail to login your account.

how to delete youtube channel
How to delete youtube channel

Through youtube, we can add futher method to delete unuseful youtube channel.Lets look at further way.

Click on Channel Logo

After login to your youtube channel, you will see your channel logo where you have to click.After clicking you will get to see many options like

  • Your channel
  • Youtube studio
  • Time watched
  • Get Youtube Premium
  • Purchase and Membership
  • Your data in youtube
  • Settings
  • Help & feedback

From the above option you have to click on setting option.

See Overview

After clicking on setting, you will get to see a page where you will get an instruction about setting.Here you will get list of options like

  • Notifications
  • Playback Performance
  • Connected Accounts
  • Watch on Tv
  • Billing and Payments
  • Connected apps
  • Advance setting

From above option, you have to select advance setting.

Click on Delete Channel

After clicking on advance setting, you will get to see a list of options like

  • Channel settiing
  • Account information
    • Youtube user id
    • Youtube channel id
    • Move channel to brand account
  • Activity feed
    • Post to my activity feed
      • Add video
      • Like a video
      • Save a playlists
      • Subscribe to a channel
  • Delete Channel

In the below line, you will get option of an option of “Delete channel”,there you have to click.

Fill Password

After clicking on delete channel, you are required to fill your password.Now you will now fill your password.

Select Anyone

Here You will get to see two options.

  • I want to Hide My Content.
  • I want to Permanently Delete My Content.

From these two, We have to choose “I Want to Permanently Delete My Channel” because we have to delete the channel.

Click on Delete My Content

On selecting I want to permanently delete my content, you will get to see a list of contents deleted options like

  • Your one subscriptions to other channels
  • Comments that you made on youtube
  • Your replies and thumbs up on comments.
  • Your messages.
  • Your search and watch history.

On choosing I want to permanently delete my content, the list of options will be deleted as given above.Now you have to check the box and click ok on Delete My Content.

Fill email id and check delete my content

After clicking ok on Delete my content, a pop up window will open where you have to fill email id.After filling email id, click on “Delete my Content”.Now your youtube channel get permanently deleted.


In this article, we have discussed about how to delete youtube channel easily.We try here to provide you the easiest way to delete your channel permanently.There are two options in youtube channnel one is deleting your channel and other is hiding your channel.

Our main topic is to delete the channel not to hide, we provide you the step by step guides how to delete a youtube channel permanently.I think that you enjoy after reading the information.So suggest your view by comments and also share the article.

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How to delete a youtube channel step by step guide.

Lets know step by step guides how to delete youtube channel.
1.Open youtube
2.Click on logo
3.See overview
4.Click on delete channel.
5.Fill password
6.Select on “I want permanently delete my channel”
7.Click on delete my channel.
8.Fill email id check on delete my content,

Following this ways your youtube channel get deleted permanently.

Is youtube a social media?

Yes youtube is a video or short video sharing social media platform.Through youtube, one can get name and fame both.

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