20 Best Tricks How to increase followers in Instagram in 2022

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Do you know “How to increase followers in instagram”

if you are surviving in instagram to increase followers then you comes in right place.Here we will discuss and trying to provide useful methods to increase followers.This method will help you to give right path to become a successful influencer on instagram.

Instagram is so popular social media platform to share your selfie, travelling tour etc.Majority of us come here to let you know about by looking your photos, short reels on instagram.

If you will able to make millions of subscriber base, then you will become and known by everyone as a celebrity.We see major of the celebrities like actors, actress, atheletics etc. on instagram to post their photos, pics, reels on instagram on daily basis.

If you are surviving on instagram and trying to boost up your insta.Lets you believe that we will know here some of useful tips and new methods which help you a lot.

How to increase followers in Instagram for Free|How to get followers on Insta.

Follwers means a people who loves and react on your each moment.Lets discuss some useful methods of increasing followers.Lets know about this in playinplus.

Post Regularly

First and most important thing which you have to do to increase followers in instagram is to post regularly.Regularly posting reels, photos, pics in instagram will help you to boost your profile.

If you stick to your account and love to share your selfie, photos, reels will make your account growing.Posting regularly engaging photos, pics will boost your followers base.

This must be kept in your mind that posting regularly photos, pics in instagram will boost your visibility in the instagram.So we suggest you to keep this thing on your mind.

Post Photos, Reels on Trending Topics

If you want to boost your profile as soon as you want, first you have to think about to post photos, videos on trending topics which people are searching and like to view.

We all always want to see trending topics which are now trends on instagram and other source.we all know that trending topics always visible in the top in article.

So always try to post things trending now in instagram.

Follow Others[How to Increase Followers in Instagram]

If you want to become popular on instagram or want to become succcessful influencer on instagram then you have to first follow your some of the instagram profiles.

If you follow them then they will also follow you.This is same rule as tit for tat.This will help an initial boost in your account.Lets try to follow some popular influencer, If they

Use your Own Hashtags

If you really want to increase followers on instagram then you must adhere to this point that you must use hastags that is your own created.

If you use your own hashtags with your name oriented then your account will get initial boost, throw your own hashtags people will like to view your post and profiles and also your post will get shared if liked by them.So try to use your own hashtags.

Tag Popular People

If you want to increase followers on instagram then you must tags some popular influencer of instagram, this will help you to get some initial boost.If you tags some popular people then your reach to many people also increase.

Tagging must be done in a way that you must tags people being popular and having lots of followers base.This method will definitely boost your profile within a month.So lets start trying to tag.

Point Location

Before posting, you must target a nearest location rather than targeting a wide range.On the location setting, you must set your nearest location.

Targeting nearest location will be visible to all people who are residing there, If they like then they will definitely like and follow you.Through this method, you will get likes and followers.

Connect your Instagram Account to Facebook

If you use facebook and having thousands of friends then it will be benificial for you to grow your instagram account fastly.

Lets try to connect your Instagram account with your facebook.All your facebook friends will slowly converted into insytagram followers.

All we know that making friends in facebook is so easy.So try making more and more friends in facebook.This will directly benifits to your Instagram account.

Describe Instagram acount in youtube video

If you have any youtube channel and publish video regularly then you must try to describe your instagram profile in your each and every youtube video.

Together with describing your profile in youtube video, try to approach everyone to follow your instagram account too.We see many youtuber whose Instagram has much followers as his youtube.This is only because of linking Youtube with Instagram.So try you too.

Use Detailed Caption[How to Increase Followers in Instagram]

Before publishing your photos or pics, you must provide detailed caption about your post.Caption can increase the reach of your post.

Caption means description, If you provide a detailed description about your post, people understand about your post.This will increase the chances of viewing your post and profile by the viewers and ultimately boost likes and followers.

Optimise Instagram Profile

First thing you must try to make your profile beautiful.This means, you must optimise your profile to make its visibility wonder.

Profile optimisation is necessary part for every instagram account which needed to grow.In profile optimisation, these are the important steps which you must consider.

  • Userrname
  • Instagram Bio
  • Category
  • Profile photo
  • Website

Username is the initial and most important thing which you must do to make your account professional.You must use a unique and attractive username so that everyone can search and find your profile.

Second and most important step you must consider to make your profile professional is using an attractive Bio.Bio is a short description giving detailed information about you.

Third is using your profile photo, you must use an attractive profile photo.An attractive profile photo make your account professional.

Fourty is optional but important, If you have your own website then you must add your website in setting.This is also important for optimisation point of view.

Collaborate with popular Instagram User

This is most benificial for those who want to grow his instagram account fastly.Collaborating with popular instagram user is most difficult for every new user because they does not believe in you and does not want to collaborate with you but if he or she becomes ready then it will be a golden chance for you to grow instagram account.

Suppose you are an Instagram user and having 100 or more followers and similarly 5 more person are there who have similar amount of followers then by collaborating with themselves and posting their group photos and tagging each of them in those photos before publishing will increase boost each account simultaneously.

Collaboration is a rapid and fire trick to boost likes and followers in Instagram account.So try to collaborate in initial steps.

Like and Follow other

If you want to boost your account in initial step then you must go to other post and try to like and comment.If you share an attractive comment on some of the popular post then people commenting on the similar post will also see your comment and try to visit your profile once.

If they like your posts and profile then surely they will start following you and if next time you post anything they will like.This is an ultimate method of increasing like and followers in your account.

Run Advertisement

If you have a few amount of money then you must go to the advertisement.Advertisement is very fast and rapid method of increasing follower in your Instagram Account.In facebook or other ads network, If you target a wide range of targeted audience who belongs to your category then they will surely like your ads and ultimately it become your followers.

This method require an initial budget which is not afforded by everyone.So if you have initial budget then go to advertisement unless go naturally.

Post Story Regularly

Together with posting photos, pics, you must try to publish a story.Story help to increase engagement and ultimately your account growth.

We all know, people have more interest on short videos than photos or any other medium.So try to publish more stories than pics.

How to grow Instagram Followers organically?

If you want to increase followers organically then you must apply this steps, you will definitely get followers in your account organically.

  1. Post Content on regular basis
  2. Host Giveaway to engage people
  3. Share your post on different platforms
  4. Use Hashtags to reach more people
  5. Point Location
  6. Tag your friends
  7. Connect facebook and Instagram account
  8. Collaborate with popular peoples.
  9. Optimise your post before publishing
  10. Optimise your caption in a well manner
  11. Use Attractive Username
  12. Use well furnished bio to attract people
  13. Post more stories and reels than photos and pics
  14. Use your own unique Hashtags
  15. Try to be live once a day
  16. Like and Comment on popular Instagram user
  17. Analyse Competitor posts
  18. Design your post in a well format

If you follow above guidelines and try to implement as soon as possible then you will definitely get more and more followers organically.Organically increasing followers are best for you because these users who follow you are all around targetted audience.

Instagram Followers Apk|Get Instagram Followers App

Following are the Best Apps which I researched and considered, If you really want to increase followers through this apk.Lets look at this once.

  1. FiraFollower Apk
  2. Instaup Apk
  3. Follower tracks
  4. TopFollow Apk
  5. Free INS Followers Apk

These are the apps through which you can increase followers in your Instagram.But one thing I want to say that dont believe in this apps totally because these apps provide fake or false followers which doesn’t mean anything.


In this article, we have tried to provide you some useful methods which you can apply to increase followers in your Instagram account.All the methods discussed above are legible and can give you 100% result.

We have also tried this similar method to increase my followers base.I also get result and my followers increases 80%.If you continue work for more than 6 months.Your account reach increases day by day and ultimately your followers increases.

If you get some valuable information from here, you must share this to your friends and also give your comments.

FAQs on How to Increase Followers in Instagram

  1. How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

    Use the below method to get 1000 Instagram followers fastly-
    1.Post regularly
    2.Like and Comment on other post.
    3.Share your post
    4.Use tags
    5.Post stories
    6.Use Caption
    7.Run Advertisement
    8.Connect facebook with Instagram
    9.Collaborate with other Instagram users having more than 1000 followers.
    10 Post on trending topics.

  2. How to gain followers on Instagram fast for free?

    There are different methods which you can apply to increase instagram followers for free.Lets look at this.
    1.Post regularly
    2.Like and Comment on other post.
    3.Share your post
    4.Use tags
    5.Post stories
    6.Use Caption
    7.Run Advertisement
    8.Connect facebook with Instagram
    9.Collaborate with other Instagram users having more than 1000 followers.
    10 Post on trending topics.
    Using all this free method can definitely increase your followers.

  3. How to increase followers on Instagram for business?

    If you are a bussiness owner and having an Instagram page and want to grow it then the best method for you is running advertisement on facebook and Instagram.For any business, there must be a targeted Audience for a lead generation and making sales.So you must try to run ads on different platform.

  4. How to increase followers on Instagram without any app?

    There are different apps available on Interenet which tells you to increase followers but actually all the followers here are fake.So dont try any app to increase followers.Posting regularly, Using tags, Commenting on other popular post, Collaborating with other Intagram users are the organic methods which you can apply to increase followers without any apps.

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